Training For Download

 Instructional Staff

  Instruction for the courses is under direction of the Director General of the TCF. Instructors are

  members of the Textile Quality Control Center, Textile Development Center, Faculty of Engineering

  Alexandria University and guest lecturers from the textile industry .

 Course Location

  All courses will be held at training center of Textile Consolidation fund in Alexandria. Facilities of the

  laboratories Textile Consolidation Fund will be used in addition of the library of the Textile Information

  Center. Each training course will cover mills visit within the area of the TCF .

 Housing Accommodation

  Each trainee should make reservations for his own lodging and transportation arrangements .


  Courses are given in Arabic or English according to the requirements of trainees in each course .


  All successful course participants are awarded certificate at the end of the course as evidence of the

  training received .

  For more information please contact the Training Division, Textile Consolidation Fund, Alexandria


Tel. : (203) 3302326 -3302327 -3302353          Fax:  (203) 3302104 - 3302156